Our Vision

Our vision is to become a Global Distribution company that continuously develops innovative ideas. We’re working to achieve this through social, economic and humanistic means

Our Mission

To contribute to the enrichment of quality of life around the world through the creation of innovative ideas, and through the distribution of best brands of carbonated drinks worldwide.

Our Motto

Your satisfaction is our business

Who we are

Top Carbonated Drinks LLC is a leading wholesaler of top brand carbonated drinks such as CocaCola, Pepsi, Fanta, Heineken etc..

We act on the behalf of various manufacturers by bridging the gap between manufacturers and foreign distribution partners. Our activity is to establish product export strategies to international markets based on the brand’s existing sales activities. In partnership with our selected distribution partners and planing distribution export for it, including fees incurred.
By means of technology and innovation application, we’d save cost and so offering you a best market price you hardly find elsewhere.

Our success is based on high profile members, leading expertise, and visionary leaders. They are people with skills to apply technology effectively, honestly and behave ethically.

Facility and maximum human resources to create true values.Warehouse system, shipping system containers to serve the export process is strong and increasingly expanded.

We believe that professional systems and passionate people will bring satisfaction to our customers.

Exporting is not only for us to sell and sell a lot of product. It is the process of forming relationships, building a bridge that is stronger and biger, with capacity is never limited.

That means, we take the quality of goods, wholesale value in exchange for customer trust. We take the whole-hearted service in exchange for customer satisfaction.

Meet Our Team

Pamela Graham
Lead Sales Director
Emily Paige
Marketing Co-ordinator
Alan McCoy
Operations Director