Fanta Original Orange Taste 24 x 330ml Cans


When you’re down and thirsty, a handy Fanta Orange can is just the prescription! As the ultimate, unique and instantly recognizable soft drink, it’s ideal for parties, families, fridges, cupboards, backpacks, packed lunches, desks and drawers. Go on, reach for complete refreshment – what’s the worst that could happen?!

Fanta happens to be Coca-Cola’s second oldest brand. First introduced in 1940, this bubbly, bright colored aerated drink has enjoyed immense popularity since.


Top Carbonated Drinks is a trusted and experienced wholesaler and distributor of the best of brands from the Coca-cola company including Fanta Orange.

We’re offering this pack of 24 x 330 ml Fanta Orange cans for wholesale prices.

The Party Essential

Fanta Orange has always been a party essential, except for Coke, of course. It is one among the highest selling carbonated non-alcoholic drinks of all times. If you are looking for a bulk purchase of the same, we can fulfil the order for you.

Can Pack

Can packs are way more popular than glass and pet bottles. They’re easy to carry and store. This bulk pack of 24 Fanta Orange cans is a convenient one for a convenient price.

Quality Assured

Storing FMCG products is a skill that needs to be done perfectly. In the case of carbonated drinks, it has to be more than perfect to maintain the shelf life of the beverage. We have more than enough experience. So, when you buy from us, you can stay assured of the quality.

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