Heineken Non-Alcoholic Lager Beer


Nutritional Facts:
Alcohol by Volume: 5%
Carbohydrates: 11.5 grams/12 fl. oz.
Protein: 1.5 grams/12 fl. oz.
Sodium: 7.5 mg/12 fl. oz.
Calories: 150 calories/12 fl. oz.

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We are distributors of original Holland made Heineken Non-alcoholic Lager Beer beverage products for Europe and Asia Market. Heineken was introduced to Hungary in the early 1950s but since 2012 N. Sang Udom has been the official distributor for the Heineken brand. Consumers can enjoy Heineken in 250ml cans & bottles, 330 ml cans & bottles and draught.

Perfect for Parties

Heineken non-alcoholic lager beer has long been hailed as the perfect choice for parties, especially if your guests are under the legal drinking age. With a reputation in the market for beer, Heineken is a rather trusted name for quality. If you cater to such a market it is the perfect stocking option.

Easy-to-Carry Cans

Cans are the best for road trips and destination parties. You can order cans in bulk and still be easy on storage options. Cans are a preferred packaging option when it comes to retail selling.

Available at Wholesale Prices

As distributors of Heineken Non-Alcoholic Lager Beer, we are able to offer you competitive prices on bulk purchases.

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