Coca Cola Coke Original Taste 24 x 330ml Cans | 12 Pack | Wholesale Price



  • 35 cans – 12 fluid ounces each
  • Net volume: 12.42 Liters (420 fluid ounces)
  • Online order limit 70 cases, if larger quantities are needed contact your local club associate
  • Get 12-pack Coke for wholesale price

The most famous and successful soft drink of all time. They re-branded Santa, and own some of the most successful products and beverages on the market. There are many imitations, but nothing compares to a real, cold can of Coca-Cola. Now you can buy the simple, beautiful refreshing Coca-Cola by the case. We’re offering 12-pack Coke for wholesale price.

The Life of the Party

No party is complete without coke no matter how hip or how sophisticated. If you are in a catering business, you know it is a staple; if you have a big organization, you know it is one drink that always needs to be well stocked. As 12 can pack is the perfect option to go for.

The Hot Seller

Coke always sells like hot cakes no matter what. You never have to worry about its demand. At least we haven’t for the past few decades.

Unrivaled Prices

Our scale of wholesale and distribution enables us to offer the best prices for 12-pack Coke cans. You can place bulk orders with us without thinking twice.

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