Diet Sprite Original Taste 24x330ml Cans


We supply both in large and in small quantities of Diet Sprite cans multipack. Whether you’re having a party, stocking lunch boxes and picnic baskets, or you simply love it as much as we do, it’s time to stock up for an amazing price!

Sprite has been a popular drink since it was launched by the Coca-Cola Company in 1959 in Germany and introduced in 1961 in the USA, majorly as a competition for 7up. It is a colorless, lemon and lime soft drink created.

  1. A low calorie clean, crisp, fresh tasting, sparkling lemon andamp; lime flavour.
  2. Natural flavours
  3. No artificial colours
  4. Caffeine-free
  5. Serve ice cold for maximum enjoyment.
  6. 24 330ml cans
  7. Keep cold in the fridge.

Genuine Beverages

With a reputation like ours, we can be trusted for offering only genuine Coca-Cola Company fizzy drinks. We are a reliable distributor of soft drinks and we do everything to keep the reputation that way.

Crisp Quality

Our storage, logistics, and quality control checks ensure that only the best of diet sprite cans reach you. We make sure that these beverages stay as they are supposed to be for all the time they’re with us.

Wholesale Prices

Get the best bargain on this pack of 24x330ml diet sprite cans from the distributors that are known for unrivaled pricing.

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